Friday, January 8, 2016

Review: LET GO (THE BILLIONAIRE’S WORLD, Book 1) by Abiola Onikoyi

Kane is a billionaire boss—your regular, pompous arrogant jackass. Set to complain to the manager of a restaurant, he is suddenly captivated by Josephine. Right off the bat, there is this sexual tension between the two.

Certain words were misused and overused—repeated, actually— throughout the whole thing. I definitely would’ve cleaned up some of these areas. Even though the book required some minor editing, the love story comes across loud and clear.

Josephine’s feelings of plain inadequacy were endearing and relatable. Of course, I would’ve preferred a little more background info on the two characters; instead, the romance took immediate flight the second the two laid eyes on each other.

Story is fast and to-the-point. Although it doesn’t lag, I think it could’ve benefited with a little expansion—expansion on the character’s livelihood, their motivation, etc. The twist in the plot didn’t appear until near the end of the story, which ended in a cliffhanger. Story was underdeveloped as it is, so why add a cliffhanger to boot? It just felt incomplete.

Overall, I think this story had good characters and a nice story line to start, but it could’ve been better.

My rating: 2.5 stars

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