Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: GIGI: FULL OF FURY by Jennifer Millikin (a novella)

I wanted to read this book after having enjoyed the first in the series, Full of Fire, the story where Lila and Xavier fell in love.

Full of Fury is the story of Gigi, Xavier’s vindictive ex-wife. According to the author, this is not the sequel, but rather a behind-the-scenes look of the first book from another’s perspective (Gigi.) Interesting!

“The cage is my safe place. The metal bars contain me. My anger. My hatred.” (6) Did we happen to mention that Gigi is an exotic dancer in her ex-husband’s Las Vegas club?

Her words are full of hate and venom toward Xavier. Hell hath no fury, right? But there is an undertone of regret and longing behind those vicious words. Perhaps she still loves Xavier and secretly wanted the family they never had?

Gigi is definitely the wild child, too wild for sweet, innocent Lila, whom she tries to corrupt and sabotage, especially with her blooming relationship with Xavier. Although Gigi can be horrible, the reader still manages to sympathize for her once you realize the reasoning behind her behavior, once you hear her side of the story.

This story was good, but I felt like I was re-reading the same story because of the recap of Full of Fire. I guess I would’ve preferred more of a sequel. Also, I kind of found Gigi’s obsession with Lila and Xavier to be exhausting, and I wonder if her story was even worth being told, even in a short novella.

All in all, this was an okay read.

My rating: 3 stars


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