Friday, January 8, 2016

Review: SHE’S GOT THE MAGIC WAND (SAGE BROTHERS, Book 1) by Abiola Onikoyi

Only four chapters, this story had the same good concept as the first Billionaire book.

In this version, Billionaire Todd (the notorious Sage brother) hired April as his interior decorator. Like the characters expressly insinuate, Todd is the rich, spoiled child that needs to be “mothered” constantly. That right there is a turn off! Not to mention he’s a total playboy. But April’s attention seemed to be more focused on Jason, the eldest of the Sage brothers.

This story had a little more background info on the characters, which I liked. It would’ve been nice to relive that scene when Jason insulted April and she slapped him. Again, the whole thing was too short, but I guess that’s okay if this is supposed to be a short story. But it could’ve used more editing.  

My rating: 3 stars

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