Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: LOST IN CHANCE by Lize Jacobs

Story begins with Chrisna boarding a plane to Paris. And just how it begins, story slowly tumbles along at the start, moving in a sluggish pace, building interest little by little, before finally ascending to a high-flying leap.

Chrisna has just gotten divorced, and she’s going to Paris to throw her ring off from the Eifel Tower. So this trip was her “divorce present.” Cool! I thought the whole idea of taking separate vacations as a “marital sabbatical” was an excellent idea. Most people should try that.

“Never be afraid to be afraid of what you‘re afraid of. Embrace the fear, and release the crazy.” (19)

But how much fun can you have in Paris in five days? Chrisna is definitely about to find out.

Soulful, fun, and well-written, Lost in Chance is a story of taking risks and living life. Certain parts lagged here and there, which slowed the plot dramatically. I mean, if this was supposed to be a wild trip through the Parisian streets, then it should’ve read in a fast, non-stop way. Instead we spent too much time on trivial scenes detailing mundane tasks. Still, the message was there.

Paris is definitely on my Must-Go list.

My rating: 3 stars

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