Friday, November 20, 2015


Henry is a little boy that likes to hang around a senior center. Of course, hanging out with old people is not exactly a "cool" thing. In fact, it's a downright creepy thing, especially when it seems the place is haunted by ghosts.

There were a few too many characters to keep track of: Mildred, Phyllis, Florence, Priscilla, Agnes, Betty, Sal, Teeny...I could just see these old fogies sitting around a canasta table griping about belly aches and arguing to one another over the loss of their false teeth. Yeah, not too fun to be around. I don't know what Henry sees in that.

The book started off as a lackluster read what with the insipid conversations and unmemorable characters. Even though this wasn't a long story, it certainly felt like it took forever to get to the plot--the whole point of it all. So there is a mystery behind a stolen gem? And it's up to Henry and the old farts to solve the crime? Yeah, it sounded interesting enough.

It's a simple, little mystery, but I just couldn't get into it.


My rating: 2 stars

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