Saturday, October 31, 2015

Review: DEATH BY HALLOWEEN by David Warkentin

This is a Halloween-themed “you choose the scare” the story, just like the Goosebumpsbooks I used to read as a kid.
According to the story, I am a thrill-seeker. Halloween used to excite me, but now they’re just commercialized and boring. Now, I seek black magic and death-rising adventures. This is how I actually am, so, naturally, I chose to leave my house and try to find my spell-binding journey.
I didn’t turn away from the noise; I walked toward it. But I died quickly, for some reason. It’s a good thing you can play again and again.
#2: killed with my arms cut off
#3: I choked on a piece of pie
#4: I’m hung like a scarecrow
The best one: getting kidnapped by the naked maniac
After re-reading and choosing different adventures, the story becomes old and you get sick of dying. In fact, you always die. It seems that you can’t win. That sucks! They should’ve called this Always Death by Halloween.
Although it was well-written and it reads quickly, the book was also a tad predictable at times.


My rating: 3 stars

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