Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: FLIRTS by Lisa Scott (5 Romantic Short Stories)

1.       “The Hot Girl’s Friend” -

Jane has always looked out for her friend, Miranda, by taking on the role of “the hot girl’s friend.” Her job is to weed out the single guys and dismiss all the losers, but she does it in such a smart-ass way. She called it “creative protection.”

Jane claimed that looks are what guys are interested in, until bartender Brady, the Ryan Reynolds look-alike, proves her wrong.


2.       “Wrong Place, Right Guy” –

Right away, the story grabs you with a frightful attack on our heroine, then sexy Tony comes to the rescue. But Tony seems to be the real danger as he somehow seeps into Kristen’s heart. Can they overcome the prejudice of their friends and family?


3.       “Not You” –

A one-night stand with a professional womanizer may prove to be the best thing our girl needed before her mom’s wedding. Who knew she’d be hitting it off with the groom’s son? Ewe! Scandalous!


4.       “Desperately Seeking Cupid” –

Sitting with a bunch of old ladies at a wedding can be depressing and boring. Why was everyone bugging Brianna to meet someone? Why would feng-shui in her apartment bring on a guy? Brianna is so desperate that she’ll try anything.


5.       “Never been dumped” –

Rachel wants to go out with a man to get dumped because she has always hated being the dumper. Weird lady.


The stories were witty and funny. All these characters had the same generic appearance, however, with their blonde hair. I suspected the author might be blonde, too. Also, since these are romances, they all end the same way. Typical.
My rating: 3 stars

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