Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: SECOND CHANCE by Lisa Scott

What’s worse than losing a boyfriend? Losing a rich boyfriend.

Chelsea keeps kicking herself for letting Trip McCall get away in high school. Of course, it wasn’t his millions she was missing—it was him. She basically regrets dumping him for not wanting to make something of himself. Well, I guess he showed her!

But it seemed that she might have a second chance with Trip as they plan their 10-year high school reunion. Reunions: a chance for looking back and to re-live regret. Since high school, many people ended up in a place they’d never thought they’d be. For Chelsea, working as a receptionist was not in her plans when she obtained that medical degree. But will she jump at her second chance?

Is it normal to pine for someone for 10 years? Isn’t it a little insane? Is it even possible?

The best advice came from Chelsea’s grandfather.

“No regrets—now that’s the secret to a good life.” (371)

“Life’s an exciting gift, and you’re not willing to open it.” (497)

The story is smart and witty. A nice, quick romantic short.
My rating: 4 stars

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