Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review: BOOKS, BLOGS, AND REALITY by Ryan Ringbloom

“It’s not uncommon for people to have two sets of friends. The “real” friends; these are the ones who live nearby, the ones you see or talk with occasionally (less and less as time goes on.) Then there are “virtual” friends; these are the one you talk to (well, type to) every day…You’ve never actually met any of them and yet you trust them with some of your deepest, most intimate thoughts and details of your life. You share way too much information and in return, they over-share way too much back.” (Prologue)

Story was told from the POV of all four girls (Brooke, Rachel, Lizzie, and Jessica)—each with their own love woes. All are hard-core readers, which is something I can TOTALLY relate to. They read, they review, they love, and they virtual-chat about ALL of it later. It’s funny how they orgasm more from the men in books than the men in real life. Actually…yeah, I can see that.

Brooke is the shy, reserved gal who wants the hot, sizzling, sensual romance that can only be found in books. “It had been a long time since anyone had ‘expertly explored’ Brooke’s body.” (6)

Rachel is the down-right kinky broad who wants to test out the moves she reads about. Oy! I don’t know what BDSM is and I don’t want to know.

Lizzie is the bored housewife with a baby and all she wants is a little more action every now and then.

Jessica was the studious science geek looking for the “un-gettable get.”

Since we’re living in a technology-driven age, adding the emails between the four girls made it more contemporary and relatable in today’s society, not to mention that it was instrumental to the plot. Besides, it’s so much better to text and email as you never have to talk to the people. It’s amazing how raunchy the discussions can get and with only a few words/letters no less. My goodness!  It’s true though: people do share the most intimate things online.

The reviews were fun and gave a better insight to the girls’ individual desires.

Written in a combination of emails, reviews, and story, Books, Blogs, and Reality was enjoyable and funny, albeit a tad lewd sometimes. I thoughts the girls were silly and naïve to think that they can turn their real lives into the fantasy lives they read about. Still, the fun part was seeing them try. After all, don’t we book lovers read to escape from our own lifeless reality?

You’ll love watching these girls toil in their love lives and commiserate about it.

A must-read for all those “mental cases” that so easily get lost in a world of fiction!

My rating: 4.5 stars

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