Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review: CHRISTMAS IN VENICE by Meadow Taylor (short story)

Olivia's Christmas trip to Venice, Italy should be a holiday dream come true. But when she’ s confronted by a handsome Italian cop about her unattended luggage, she worries she won't even make it out of the Marco Polo Airport…

My thoughts: After living in Italy for 3 months, I now know more than ever that I would definitely want to go back. And on the list of places to go: VENICE! And, after reading this story, I want to make it a goal to go during Christmas. The problem was that the reader never makes it beyond the airport.

First rule of thumb when traveling ANYWHERE: Never leave your luggage unattended. For Olivia, the trip didn’t start off so well with the polizia on your tail.

I liked the way it started, but I felt like there could’ve been more to it. I wanted to hear about the lustrous scenes of Venice. But what do you expect for a short story?

My rating: 3 stars

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