Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review: EMILY: A COMPILATION OF SHORT STORIES by Chantal Bellehumeur

In these twelve stories, we follow the life of Emily, a young and eager woman sifting through the challenges of everyday life.

Emily is a likable and sensible character full of integrity and hope. Most people will be able to relate to her wide-eyed naiveté as she struggles with her mistakes and tries to learn from them, but, in all honesty, you’d probably relate to her better if you were a mom (which I am not.)

 In “A Mother’s Love,” Emily experiences fear and angst as she figures out how to deal with the consequences of one passionate night. Terror follows Emily in “The Halloween Party.” “An Unplanned Wedding” reminded me of the days I traveled through the streets of Rome with sights such as Piazza di San Pietro, Colosseo, Fontana di Trevi, The Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, while “Emily’s Birthday Getway” prompted me to jot down places to see when I visit New York.

The stories express endurance, happiness, and love in one tight, little package. At times, they felt a little dry and flavorless. Sometimes “brevity is the soul of wit,” and I think the stories could’ve benefited more from that to avoid some of the mundane details. There were also a few typos scattered about; some would completely change the meaning of the sentence, which might’ve been confusing if you weren’t paying attention.

Overall, the stories were okay. Clearly they were intended for the sentimental crowd, especially since they were originally published for a family-oriented magazine.

I may check out her other stories. Veronica’s Soap Opera Life and Just.Another.Common.Killer sound more compelling.

My rating: 2.5 stars

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