Monday, September 23, 2013


“For as long as I could remember I was never really that great with women…they were my stumbling blocks…Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all. Whoever came up with that phrase, I wanted his greasy head on a silver platter.” (3) Right from the start, our main protagonists lures the reader into a world of self-deprecating humor.

“My final thoughts weren't of my loving mother, my proud but stubborn father, my jolly cheery match maker sister or my average life and few friends back home in Edinburgh. Nor had I any thoughts of my dead end job, never ending bills, mortgages or my good health, my fitness, the places I'd always dreamed about travelling to and visiting one day but never found the time to do so…Instead, I found myself thinking about all those missed opportunities I'd had throughout my life with [girls].” (11)

This story is all about regret and resentment. There are no second chances in life, but what if…suddenly there were?

We follow the journey of Liam, a lonely and lovesick man, as he attempts to recapture those lost chances in fumbling ways. In part 1, we begin with Alexandra, the blonde on the bus. The two spend the day touring the Scottland landmarks while exchanging dry (and sometimes horrific) pleasantries. It was odd that so much was divulged in such a short time, like virginity loss and family death. The bulk of this segment was mainly focused on the constant togetherness of Liam and Alex, until finally their love combusts into a passionate night. Then…it’s over.

In part 2, Liam re-awakens in his 13-year old body.  Re-living his innocent days of burrowing through caves and sorting through nudie magazines, Liam reacquaints himself with his old crush, Sarah—a brave, little tomboy. Together, they experience some wild adventures.   

Written in reverse mode, this tale answers the “what if” questions in Liam’s life. I couldn’t help but enjoy Liam’s witty and naïve nature. His endearing gullibility, especially when it came to girls, was present throughout his lifespan. It was funny!

Although, at times, the various accents and expressions were difficult to comprehend, the characters were quirky and somewhat fascinating.

As I was reading, I couldn’t help but question how our hero was able to get this “second chance.” And how many was he getting? Was it just a dream? And why does he have trouble remembering?

What I liked best was the unique story line of time travel and re-living past moments. The writer definitely has a knack for stories.

The great message of the story was: No Regrets. Just go for it right NOW—not LATER—because you just never know... “That's what happens though when you sit back and don't go after what you want. You just never know what the hell might happen and what kind of adventures might pan out over that whole day in front of you, if you decide to take a risk.” (282)


Note: A few typos could’ve been corrected here and there. And then, of course, there’s…….the cliffhanger. Grrrrr!


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