Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: COME FLY WITH ME by Judith Whitmore

Summary: From mansions in Emerald Bay, to hilltop villas in the Caribbean, Come Fly with Me is the story of a woman coming into her own in a world where the sky is the limit. Kate Randolph is young, beautiful and rich, and her passion is flying. In the air she feels a freedom she feels nowhere else, and it’s where she dreams of escape from her marriage to a cold, distant husband. Rick Sanders, her tough flight instructor, challenges Kate to always rise to the occasion and trust her instincts. A series of unexpected events forces both to look beyond the usual facades, and as a result, Kate and Rick liberate each other––she rescues him in a harrowing mission into Southeast Asia that proves her mettle once and for all, and he releases her to be the woman she was meant to be––no holds barred.

My thoughts: 30-something Kate Randolph was stuck in a lonely marriage to a 50-year old Sam. Afraid to lose the financial stability, she continued to stay with him, suffering in silence. Kate and Sam’s marriage kind of reminded me of the rich couple in the famous novel, Rebecca—cold, distant, and kind of creepy. Sam often talked to her like she was a small child. My only question was: Why? Why did Kate put up with him?  

Then she started taking flight lessons from hot instructor, Rick. The attraction was mutual between the two. While Kate and Rick wrestle with their growing feelings for each other, the reader roots for them to give in to a “happy landing.” But “would the emotions born on the tropical island be allowed to grow, or would they wither like an untended garden?” (231)

Kate was one lucky girl! She married the millionaire and got to shack up with the flight instructor. God, it makes me want to take flying lessons!

A well-written and gripping story of what it means to “surf the clouds” and fly on your own.


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