Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Book Preview: A TRICKY GAME by Seraphima Bogomolova

A Tricky Game, by Seraphima Bogomolova, is a mystery psychological thriller, published by Souliris UK Ltd, released on July 15, 2013.

A Tricky Game is a psychological novella telling the story of a young enigmatic woman, who finds herself involved in an edgy game of three men, whose genuine intents, second agendas, and secret longings become closely intertwined with her own destiny, creating unexpected twists that place her in front of challenging life choices.

In Moscow, Russia, an aluminium magnate, Kazimir Stankevitch, enters into an unwritten agreement with a seductively attractive young woman, Angela Moreaux, whom he secretly desires. Later that night, as she returns home from a nightclub, a shot is fired at her. While in the hospital she receives a visit from a silent masked incognito, whose true intentions she is yet to discover. At the same time, her unsuspecting associate meets in the Ritz with an elderly Swiss gentleman who delivers to him a mysterious letter. As the stakes in the game go higher, the young woman is confronted with life choices that will challenge her in unexpected ways.


A Tricky Game is available for sale on Amazon

Seraphima Bogomolova was born and raised in St Petersburg, Russia. She is the Editor of A Tricky Game is Seraphima’s debut novella. Currently, she is working on her second novella. For more information, visit
Through the crowd of clubbers and dancing strippers, she walks toward him. Approaching, she stops, her eyes fastened on his profile. Instantaneously sensing her presence, the man turns round. Her hand extended to him, he grabs it and, parting his lips, impresses them on it, leaving a flaming trail on her skin. She pulls it away. He looks up.

"Are you playing with me?”

“I think you enjoy being played with."

"It depends."

"On what?"

"On the game."

She sits down. His eyes on her mouth, he watches her light up a cigarillo, her lips encircled around its chocolate tip. She draws on it, releasing a blow of smoke. Motioning at a waitress, he orders a bottle of Krug. Champagne's poured into their glasses, he raises his glass.

"To our agreement."

"As you wish."

"Do you think it really matters what I wish?"

"It depends."

"On what?"

"On your wish."

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