Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting to Work

Okay, I have several books sitting on my shelf--most of them were given to me as a complimentary gift for a review and/or a posting on my blog. I'll be honest: I haven't touched any of them quite yet. I've been busy with stuff--ya know, working, paying bills, working, buying food, working, cleaning the house, working, sleeping, and, oh yeah, did I mention working? But no more!

I will do the thing that makes any book worm happy. I will get back to reading!

Now, which one do I start with?

Should I write each title down on a piece of paper and toss them all up in the air? I figure one of them is bound to face up.

Or shall I stack them all up in one high pile and throw a dart at it? The one it hits is the one I'll read.

Well, I'm sure I'll figure out when I get there. But rest assured, this weekend I'm getting to work (reading, not the work you have to pay taxes on.)


  1. I have actually used to determine what book to read!! I have the typed into a word document. I copy it and paste it into and read whatever book it gives me first!