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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Review: HONEYMOON ALONE by Nicole Macaulay

Reliable Lucy: Maid of Honor Extraordinaire.

Lately, it just seemed like everyone around her was getting married or having babies. Of course, the latest wedding was a doozy. An 80's-themed wedding? Really? With everyone asking about her love life, Lucy should've really come alone.

"You are waiting for your life to begin:" words from a psychic. Something was about to begin.

"The world spins before me – and all around me – and I’m here. Always right here. Standing still." (23)

Then a pending reservation that someone forgot to cancel presents itself. London? Could she do it? Yes! Lucy was going to London. She was finally going somewhere! Hey, why not? Especially if the trip was already paid for.

I liked that the setting was London. I loved London! It was certainly an adventure.

The writing was graceful and witty. Occasionally there was a slight lag with a few too many characters, but I liked that Lucy had the courage to get out of her rut. I mean, if you're standing still, then you're not going anywhere. But Lucy definitely lived in regret, especially when she wanted to go on that girl's trip to Europe so badly, but didn't out of fear. Spontaneity was not her forte. That passport she was holding was a promise that she never kept, so I was glad that she was finally doing it. No more waiting on life.

One thing that bugged me was the archaic concept that if you never get married, then you'll never go anywhere (because usually honeymoons take you to exotic locations.)  That's just ridiculous!

Story was a good example of taking life by the horns and having the ride of your life. Life is certainly full of possibilities.

My rating: 4 stars

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