Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: UNDELIVERABLE by Rebecca A. Demarest

When Benjamin Grant’s son disappeared a year ago, he threw himself into the search, and his obsession left him without a home, wife, or job. Now, he’s managed to find work at the United States Postal Service’s Mail Recovery Center, which he hopes will prove an invaluable tool in his investigation. With the help of his coworker, Sylvia—a kleptomaniac artist—Ben learns the ins and outs of a warehouse full of lost mail, and explores every lead in his son’s case. But when it all points towards the monstrous Leonard Moscovich, Ben fears the worst.

My thoughts: Ben is a heart-broken father who keeps pounding the pavement every waking hour, full of determination and hope. You can’t help but feel for the guy in his soul-wrenching journey. In the beginning, I found it a bit odd how it started off with Ben’s wife learning she was pregnant before diving into the aftermath of the son’s disappearance; however, I was glad that, at some point, the author provided the back story to that horrible day.

Even though everyone else seems to have given up, Ben continues to pursue the case and feels that by working for the U.S. postal service might help him do that. Did he really believe that he would find his son that way? I wasn’t sure if Ben’s relentless search for his son was naively optimistic or endearingly brave.

I enjoyed Sylvia’s spunky and crafty attitude. Like her, I am also an artist and a reader. She was a great character. She was the friend that Ben needed in his endless down-ward spiral—she made him laugh, she was in his face about his reckless behavior, and, most of all, she listened. If he wasn’t still married and she was a bit older, I would’ve thought that they had a real shot together.

Illustrated against the day-to-day operations of the mail recovery system, the story is a vivid portrayal of the emotional impact of loss and psychological destruction. A sensitive tale with a touch of humor.

You will be most impressed by this talented writer!

My rating: 4 stars

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