Saturday, July 24, 2021

Review: A HOPELESS CHRISTMAS by Daniel Carson (Book 5)


A TV offer in New York? A last attempt to catch a crime boss? And a chance to leave Hopeless?

Sounded like Hope had a lot to think about. While trying to decide her future, she also gets rooked into a Christmas Cookie tournament. What could be worse than binging on cookies? How about one of the bakers winding up dead—poisoned by a cookie?

This is another good Hope Walker mystery! I especially like her ballsy, candid, and wry humor.


My rating: 5 stars

Review: CRIME AND NOURISHMENT by Miranda Sweet

Angie runs a bookstore in Nantucket, and she just heard that the town miser was raising the rent for all the small businesses in town. Was this all about some old family grudge? Unless…the people were willing to do “favors” for him. What an insufferable, old coot!

I could relate to Angie’s love for books, but this book was just too slow and long. Way too adorned with embellishments on the town and the history. Snooze…Snore…

My rating: 2 stars

Review: ALOHA ALIBI by Jasmine Webb

A human finger at her door leads her out of town and into Hawaii. I thought this would’ve been a good read. Instead, it’s slow and uninteresting. The narrative was okay, but it didn’t keep me going. 


My rating: 2 stars