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Blog Tour: OLD BAG OF TRICKS by Kevin J. Cyr


Old Bag of Tricks

by Kevin J. Cyr




:   Horror Comic






Most people think Halloween should be called a holiday, but for some it could be a reminder of a tragedy. On that night, the lives of three boys changed forever. Making the decision to go to that one last house proved to be a terrible mistake. Her appearance seems weak and frail, but she's nobody's granny—not by a long shot! Psychotic and delusional from lack of taking her much-needed medication, she finally gives closure to that town's past with their missing children. Being a victim of rape as a young girl, living in a very abusive family home, and learning of her pregnancy were things that she could never make peace with and put behind her. Living as a hermit with her son and never seeing the light of day, she slowly slips into insanity. Those three boys never saw her coming. Who would ever suspect that this sweet old lady was a serial killer? Strong as a ox and limber as a cat, she has plenty of tricks up her sleeve. Enticing the kids inside with all her candy and spiked homemade cupcakes was easy. Out of these three boys, only one makes it out alive to tell the tale.




Excerpt Two:






Review: A terrible tragedy has been happening on Halloween night. Murders of children.  Apparently, it was something in the candy they ate. Could the old, witchy woman be more sinister than she looked? 

When 3 boys visit the old lady’s house on a stormy Halloween night, they don’t come back out. At least, that was the old lady’s plan. But why would this old lady do this you ask? You’d have to go back 50 years to that horrible night she was beaten, raped, and left for dead. She knew one day she’d get her revenge. Oooh, I like her thinking.  

OMG, I love graphic novels! And this one doesn’t disappoint, even though I’m not really a fan of this particular genre. The art is very vivid, sketchy, and colorful, although the images can be very bloody and gruesome. I have to admit that this was much gorier than I had expected or wanted. This was like watching a typical slasher film—all you see is blood, blood, and more blood. Of course, blood and bloody death are all you expect to see in a slasher film, which is fine, but you also want to see some story, too, which this comic didn’t really have too much of. There’s some story in the beginning when you hear about the old lady’s past, but towards the end, the art panels are just drenched in blood.  Quite frankly, there was too much blood for my taste. There’s violence, strong language, and brief nudity, so it’s definitely more suited for adults and older teens. Definitely had good art work. I especially loved how the images evoked tension, fear, and horror. What a scary, old lady! She was a strong and feisty one. She’s nobody’s granny alright. 

This story will make you scared of little, old ladies. So sick and twisted. Be aware that it might make readers sick. A good horror comic that readers will especially enjoy if they love slasher films.


Rating: 4 stars


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


I just love drawing horror graphic novels as a pastime and a hobby. I’ve always been

fascinated about film and the making of movies. When I create a book it’s like making my

own movie.











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Sunday, October 2, 2022


It’s springtime! And what goes with spring? Gardening, of course! And the library was offering a garden club, but all goes down the drain when a librarian drops dead.

Death by a bee sting. Actually, it was a lot of bee stings and the guy was allergic. But why did so many bees sting him at once? And what were the bees doing inside in the first place? Sounds like a job for Cassie and Tessa.

Was it the organic farmer with bee hives? A wife that may have been cheating? Who else had access to bees?

This all boiled down to an interesting mystery!


Rating: 5 stars