Monday, February 3, 2020

Review: SECRET ADMIRER’S SECRET WISH# 2 by Dariel Raye

Past: Glenda harbored a secret crush. She was never bothered by her lack of good looks, but still she wanted Hunter to notice her. I could definitely relate to being the tall geek in the class. She was “Geeky Glenda.”

Present: Hunter’s soured by the holidays because it was the exact time when his adopted parents died. The last thing he wanted to do was plan a high school reunion during this time. Perhaps this Glenda person could help? Glenda couldn’t believe she was hearing from Hunter and was surprised to realize that she never really got over him. Maybe this be her chance to finally crush her crush.

Hunter couldn’t believe Glenda’s transformation—she was a goddess!

This was an okay story. It was a crush rekindled in this sweet tale. It had a few typos and some awkward sentences. Why spend so much time talking about the dogs? And divert from the main characters to the POV of other lesser characters like Cheryl and Jonathan?

I honestly thought that there would be a mystery with this secret admirer angle. An okay read.

My rating: 3 stars

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