Thursday, February 13, 2020

Review: AUSTIN BY MORNING by Alexa Padgett

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From the moment I see Kate Grace, I can't wait to find out if what they say about redheads is true... Not only are her wild ringlets entrancing, she's sweet and sassy, with slower, sexier curves than a Texas back road. 
Too bad she's also country music star Camden Grace's baby sister. Camden holds my chance at a comeback in his hands, and he doesn’t want me—or my bad attitude—anywhere near Kate. 
I don’t have time for all these thoughts about Kate, anyway. I must focus on my son’s future. I failed him once, but I'll do anything to prove how much I love him. Anything
Even if that means giving up my dreams of a music career and another chance to kiss Kate's soft, luscious lips. Ike comes first. I promised, and my word is my vow. I’ll never, ever break it. 
Yes, even if I have to give up a chance to work with the biggest names in the music industry, and even if I have to walk away from the only woman I’ll ever love…

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My review: Kate was heading out to Austin by morning to help out her brother, a country music star on tour. The last thing she expected was to be captivated by his opening act—his Viking good looks and his sultry voice.

Rye needed this tour and album to go well, not just to help his staggering career but to help his son’s medical condition most of all. He did not need to be distracted by the lustrous beauty that was the star’s kid sister. One night, Rye saves Kate from a drunk, groping roadie.

I enjoyed the characters. They each have issues with family, and they both connect and share a love for his enthusiastic son. Rye is so sweet and caring to his son. But the characters take an emotional toll, each bearing the weight of their responsibilities and resentments. And all that culminates into a fiery physical chemistry between the two. Romance readers could definitely get into this story. The pace, however, was slow and steady, and the length made the story more of a saga.

Overall, this was a pretty good read.

My rating: 3 stars



Dinner was fun, easy, one of the most enjoyable meals I’d ever had. The barbecue was delicious and tender—perfect, really. The ice-cold beer proved a great counterbalance. But I ate without much thought because our table was beset with a driving sexual tension I’d never experienced. The heady sensations made me want to draw out the moment.
Our first official date.
We finished our beers. Kate dabbed her paper napkin on her lips, her eyes warm pools I wanted to fall into.
“You ready?” I asked.
“Yes,” she breathed.
I rose from my chair and reached for her. As I’d expected, many male heads turned toward us, their eyes appreciating each of Kate’s gorgeous features. My chest puffed as I held her hand and led her from the crowded establishment.
I smirked back at one of the guys, who hung his head when he realized I’d caught him staring at Kate’s perky ass.
I slipped my hand from hers and settled it on her hip. She glanced up at me in askance. My smirk turned to a smolder as the words I’d said to her earlier drifted around us.
“You do collect quite the fan club,” I said as I held open the door for her.
She chuckled. “I’m pretty sure those ladies were all lusting over you.” She patted my cheek. “You do rock the Viking look.”
“Viking?” I asked.
“Big, buff, just a little too wild.”
I narrowed my eyes. “I’ll show you wild.”
She licked her lower lip. My eyes followed the slick trail of moisture.
“I’m planning on it,” she whispered, breathless.
The ride back to Kate’s condo was filled with music and conversation. I’d never experienced this easy back-and-forth with anyone. I liked it. I was addicted to our banter.
I turned off the ignition and leaned over the console. I covered her mouth with mine. She tasted of tangy barbecue sauce and beer but also that unique flavor that was all Kate.
This kiss started slow, with soft licks and gentle pressure, a glide of lips over each other. Then, Kate moaned and pressed closer, and my composure began to crumble.
Pull me close, I wanted to say. Take the chance on me. I’ll give you everything I have.

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