Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Excerpt: THE HANDS THAT HELD ME by Lisa Jo Symonds

              Hey, Lisa. Wake up!
              You need to wake up. You aren’t breathing!
              I can barely hear his voice. Nothing seems to be making sense. I have to stay focused. I am struggling. Struggling to breathe, struggling to think, struggling to fight the fog that seems to be closing in on my mind.
              From a distance, I hear his voice shout out even louder now, LISA, WAKE UP! YOU ARE NOT BREATHING!
              He sounds so desperate. I feel so confused. I hear myself screaming back, What is going on? What is wrong? I need to figure this out!Yet, my lips never spoke a word.
              I am fading…. fading in and out of blackness, where nothing - not even myself, exists. My head fell forward, my body folding into an awkward position.
              I am fighting hard to make sense of what I am hearing. Someone is shaking me. From a far-away place, I hear the words being yelled again, LISA, YOU ARE NOT BREATHING!
              My brain was screaming an answer, but I still wasnt making a sound. Oh my God. Just leave me alone ! 
              I am slipping into an unfamiliar place.  It’s so peaceful… comfortable… warm.  Lisa, wake up, you are not. . .” His voice faded away.
              Everything is dark. Everything is quiet. No more pain! I feel nothing except sweet relief. I no longer hear his voice.
              Its finally over.  I did it!

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