Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Review: METAMORPHOSIS by Erin Noelle

Scarlett has finally escaped her overbearing and controlling parents. Nervous about reinventing herself for the first time in her life at 18, she becomes overly concerned about the dating scene, especially since all her "sexual experience" has come from "book boyfriends" made from sensual, sweet, and erotic novels she often reads. She's the most "sexually frustrated virgin on the planet."

The game: To scour the plane looking for the most suitable "book boyfriends" and take them out for a test drive. For Scarlett, this is a chance for her to do things she's only read about and, fortunately, she has a "book whore" in her best friend, Evie, to help her.

In this story, Scarlet is caught between the "All-American Boy," the "Mysterious Guy she shares a weird connection," and the "Bad Boy Rocker."

From the moment Scarlett met Ash, there is an instant magnetism. Ash is so smart and beautiful, but too bad he doesn't feel that he and Scarlett shouldn't be together. I was rooting for Ash!

I could totally relate to the girls love for books, e-readers, and book boyfriends. I also agreed that "Psyche" and "Butterfly" were way cooler nicknames.

I did think that Scarlet was too eager to lose her virginity and she turns into a big Broadway show. Personally, I think she needed to slow down. The girl was just so confused with all these guys. This whole thing was really an open invitation for experimentation.

Overall, the question was: Who will win the prize--Scarlett's virginity? Not so much her heart, even though the book makes a minor strive toward it.

A nice read.

My rating: 4 stars

TBD: Book Boyfriend series

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