Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Review: DEAR ROCKSTAR by Emme Rollins

Sara is obsessed with rock star Tyler Vincent. Then comes along someone that looks like Tyler Vincent. Naturally I predicted that Dale Diamond was Tyler Vincent as a rock star taking a sabbatical. Wouldn’t that be cool? I mean, why else would he look SO much like him?

Dale Diamond was smokin’ hot and so nice to Sara. Chemistry is what they have together and, as fate would have, Chemistry is where they meet.

All Sara wants to do is get out of her home, her town, her life and just be free. Can you blame her? She was poor and lived with an evil stepbeast. But she didn’t count on falling for Dale.

Their romance was so passionate and intense, and it all revolved around the music (Dale also happened to be a singer and musician, like Tyler Vincent.) Of course, Dale can’t shake off that Sara is so in love with Tyler Vincent. He gets jealous of him, and that comes between them.

Tyler Vincent made me feel like a star-crazed neurotic teenager all over again (I was into hardcore BSB in high school).

Witty and endearing, story is a riveting ride to a shocking end.

My rating: 4 stars

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