Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Review: IT'S GOT TO BE PERFECT by Haley Hill

Memoirs of a modern-day matchmaker, huh? This seemed to be fitting for a light and airy craving; I only hoped that it wouldn't turn into a vapid, senseless read.

Ellie is engage to a porn addict. Not only that, but he also goes to strip clubs for "work." Smells fishy, right? Why is she marrying this guy?
Right from the start, the story is a carnival of wacky wedding plans. Oh, it's so much easier and faster to elope. I guess what has to be "perfect" is a wedding. Oh brother. I found this to be utterly stupid. I thought she was supposed to be a matchmaker.

The best part was when her fiancé announced he was getting back together with his wife. Now we're getting somewhere. Now Ellie is back to square one--finding Mr. Perfect. Well, good luck because nobody's perfect. After all, it's hard to find a man with "no nasal hair, no porn addiction or personality disorder." Although she's way too picky, Ellie's list for a good man was funny.

So Ellie wants to prove that there is a perfect man, so she sets out to find one...for every other woman; hence, a matchmaker is born. Well, those who can't do, teach...I guess. But what's up with her idea of "being born of higher purpose?"

Story is filled with lukewarm humor and frivolous banter. The whole thing is really nothing but a man hunt, and each man was more forgettable than the last. It's generally dull.
My rating: 2 stars

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