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Review: FAME YOU by Hattie Lou

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Olivia has learned that life doesn’t always go the way you want it to go. She didn’t expect to be a widow and a single mother at a young age. Olivia’s life changes for the better when she meets a woman who in time becomes a second mom to her. She spends her days and nights taking care of the woman.

Growing up, Luke destined to be a Hollywood star just like his famous screenwriter father, becomes addicted to the celebrity life in Hollywood and lives for the camera’s attention. It makes him feel good that guys want to be him and women want to be with him. He can’t get enough of the fame.

Luke shows up unannounced at his mother’s house after years of not speaking to her, and he finds out that his mother has a live-in caregiver, Olivia. Luke and Olivia don’t hit it off at first, but soon Luke comes to realize that the first impression isn’t always the right impression. Sometimes there’s more than meets the eye.

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My review: Olivia met her soulmate at 13, married him after graduation, and was widowed at 19. She was taken in by Katherine shortly after her breakdown at the cemetery and was like a mother to her. She didn’t realize that the woman was rich and it didn’t matter to her.

Luke was an A-list celebrity actor returning home after being away for so long. His father was a famous screenwriter, and he hadn’t visited his mother since his death. The night that he walked into his mother’s home, he wasn’t expecting to find a young woman there. He certainly wasn’t expecting to learn that she has been living there with her daughter and that she was caring for her mom, who had dementia. That’s not possible. Luke would’ve known that. Luke wasn’t buying Olivia’s sweet and kind-hearted act—she was a con artist. He couldn’t believe that she his mom’s power of attorney. But he will prove she’s a fake.

Luke was such a jackass to Olivia. So what if there was dust? She’s a full-time caretaker, not a maid. He was so bossy and cynical. Seriously, what was his problem?

After Luke crosses a line with Olivia, guilt sinks in with Luke for the first time. Gee, there really was a human in there. He soon realized how bad his mother’s memory was and how much they needed Olivia to calm her down. It’s true: she’s not the mom he remembered and he should’ve come around more to see her. Now it was too late…or was it?

Luke cares about his mother, and Olivia’s patience and selflessness were wonderful. Tension, regret, and remorse simmer in the house that they all must share together. In the interim, the two learn to look beyond what they initially thought. Luke sees the natural beauty (inside and out) in Olivia, and Olivia sees how sweet Luke can be, especially with his mother and her daughter.

Story was sweet and endearing. I enjoyed the friendly bond as well as the explosive physical chemistry between them.

Will he stay to be the man she loves or will he return to the empty spotlight of Hollywood?

A wonderful read!

My rating: 5 stars



 When I reach the bathroom, I see Olivia standing in front of the mirror, already brushing her teeth. She changed out of her clothes. She’s now wearing a tank top with a tiny pair of shorts that show off her perfect tanned legs. I stop in the doorway as she continues to brush, but her eyes are on the mirror staring back at me.

    “I knew you were beautiful this evening, but you are more beautiful without the makeup and the outfit,” I say, before realizing that I am actually saying the words to her and not in my head. I walk behind her and place my phone down on the sink. She remains quiet, not sure what’s going on between us. I’ll make it clear to her so she’ll understand.
    My hand goes up to her arm, causing her body to freeze from my touch. God! She feels so good just like I imagined she would. Her skin’s so soft. Her eyes remain on the mirror watching my every move. I can feel her eyes begging me to keep going. She wants me to touch her.
  I part her hair to both sides of her shoulders as I kiss the back of her neck. She lets out a little moan as she closes her eyes. “Keep your eyes on me,” I tell her as she opens them and watches me through the mirror. “Perfect,” I whisper against her ear. My tongue slides down her earlobe as my right-hand slides around her back to her stomach. I lift her shirt up a few inches, exposing her toned stomach. I pull her body into mine as I begin to kiss her neck harder, leaving marks along the way. Her skin tastes like strawberry. It’s a good thing I have always liked strawberries. I always found them to be tasty. Another moan escapes her throat. “You are always there for Mom when she needs you,” I whisper into her ear. “Whenever Savannah needs something, you get it, no questions asked. Greg lost his mom and you were on a mission to find her even if it took us all night. You are always there for everyone. My question is, who is there for you, Olivia?” I can feel her body getting hotter by the minute. I’m turning her on so I keep going. “Who takes care of your needs?” I watch her as she inhales and exhales slowly.
    I’m about to tell her that I will fulfill her every need when my phone rings. I ignore it while I suck her skin into my mouth.
    “You should probably get that. Wouldn’t want to upset your girlfriend.” Olivia says annoyed, slipping away from me and walking out the bathroom, leaving me angry and frustrated.
    I make a fist and hit it off the sink. I almost had her and Erika ruined our moment.

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