Monday, January 20, 2020

Review: BABY BE MINE by Wanitta Praks

Clarice is a 29-year old woman that’s never seen a naked man. She was a virgin. But how could she get a man. After all, men were like parking spaces—all the good ones were taken.

As soon as she hits 30, she’s faced with a sense of failure and doom. What man would want her now? She was way past her prime. Face it…she was without love, marriage, family, and children.

I thought this was going to be better than what it was. Was it absolutely necessary to recap on her childhood and all her relatives? I didn’t think so. I thought it would get better when she got dragged to the night club, where the devilishly handsome Hunter hung out. But the story seems to go all over the place and it was slow to boot. When does the surprise pregnancy happen? Geez! It goes absolutely nowhere.

My rating: 2 stars

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