Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Review: THE PERFECT SCAM by Cecil Hansson

Remembering the voices he had heard as a child, Martin Burke, A.K.A. Balthazar, decided to become a medium. But somehow he lost his touch and, with that, soon went the fame, fortune, wife, and kids.

Now, ten years later, he was nothing more than a charlatan waiting for his next big break. Then Eliza enters his life. The woman believed she was being warned…from her dead dog. What?!  Apparently, something was coming for her. But what?

Frankly, the only thing Martin was figuring was how he could make money off this crazy, rich lady. Jewelry! He could “cleanse” her jewelry and take it from her. The perfect scam.

But what started off as a perfect scam soon turns into some dark and sinister.

Strange and mysterious, this small tale has that dark irony that I enjoy. It’s quick and easy read.

My rating: 4 stars

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