Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Review: PAR AVION by A. Rose Cooper

A college student seeking a diploma. It beat joining the army, after all. She wanted a real job, one that she could make good money so she wouldn’t end up poor. Nothing wrong with that.

At first, this sounded interesting: a story of a girl pursuing higher education and a better life. But it just seemed like her narratives were getting sidetracked by useless drivel.  The story seems to summarize her life in college (class audits, a study abroad, pledge week, etc.) in like two paragraphs or less. I liked some of her speculations about college life. I just wished this story would’ve been more in-depth.  There’s not even any mention of the protagonist’s name (oh, yeah, it’s Cassey.) The girl’s obviously at crossroads here and, somehow, the overall story line lacked direction as well. Where exactly was she heading? What path was she on? The road to a degree? A job? A travel adventure? And I wasn’t too sure what the symbolism was behind the title. Par Avion?

This was an okay short story, but I wish it would’ve had more clarity and direction.

My rating: 3 stars

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