Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Review: CINDER AND ELLA by Kelly Oram

Fairy tales always began with tragedy. For Ella Rodriguez, life wasn’t a fairy tale…until her 18th birthday, the day that tragedy struck. A car swerved a patch of black ice, putting Ella in a coma and killing her mother. Afterward, Ella spent months in recovery, her body scarred by 2nd and 3rd burns, her limp forever a handicap. Her debilitation, thus, forced her to live with the father that abandoned her a long time ago. Ella must live in his house with his new wife and her two daughters. Can you say a Cinderella story?

Adjusting to her new life in the California climate, Ella continued her physical therapy while being surrounded by the beautiful people of Los Angeles. Ella was the ugly duckling compared to that L.A. glamour. She was the outcast. Will anyone be able to see past the scars to the beautiful person she was inside?

Not only did she lose her mom and her body, but she also lost all her precious books—the ones she spent years collecting.  Then she has to go to that fancy private school, where the kids tease and torture her?

Brian (the Hollywood prince) was a movie star idol, who’s tired of being controlled and gets pushed into a fake engagement with a mean actress to boost his career. What we didn’t know was that Brian was “Cinder”—Ella’s internet friend, whom she’s loved and cared for even before her accident. So Ella’s been talking to a hot celebrity.

For Brian, Ella’s been the only girl that no one can compare to. She’s smart, funny, and caring. Beauty just encapsulated her.

Sweet, endearing, and heartfelt. I loved the emotional toll presented by all the characters, especially Ella, who suffered a horrible ordeal—losing her mother, the physical and mental scars, the assimilation to a strange family, dealing with the abandonment issues with her father, and not to mention the relentless torture she got from everyone. Her stepsisters were just so cruel. But Ella was strong, even though she didn’t realize it. I liked how Ella grows to love herself again and gives people a chance to see that.

I enjoyed Cinder and Ella’s story. Their bond, their hold on each other, was enough to tug on your heart strings. But can Brian look past her scars and still see the person he loved before? Can Ella stand by Brian in the Hollywood spotlight, her deformities plastered for all the world to see? What a swooping gesture in the end!

A great love story! A wonderful “Happily Ever After” tale!

My rating: 5 stars

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