Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Review: HEAT EXCHANGE by Deana Farrady

Janey, forcing herself out of shyness, was taking the initiative to ask men out, but she keeps getting rejected every time. What’s wrong with her? She’s a 29-year old virgin and a Plain Jane, so guys naturally don’t go for her.

Suddenly, she gets stuck in an elevator with a gorgeous hottie named Nyall, who professes not doing relationship and just sex. She pours her lame love life (or lack thereof) to him and he volunteers to teach her all about sex.

Right away, Nyall is a cocky bastard, who claims to be such a know-it-all with orgasms and how to make a woman swoon. I mean, the guy actually has references in regards to his sexual experience and prowess.

The whole thing is a sex lesson. No substance really. You don’t really see these two together. It was just a business arrangement.

My rating: 2 stars

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