Thursday, November 21, 2019

Review: CELEBRITY by Melinda DeRoss

For Kendra, it wasn’t just the million dollar advance she was getting to turn her novel into a movie, it was the value and appreciation she would get for a writing a literary masterpiece. But then it hit her…What if the movie didn’t capture the same vision of the story and characters? Any author would care. After all, it was her story. That’s when she decided that she would be involved in every aspect of the film.

So she leaves her cheating boyfriend and heads for L.A. to fulfill a life-long dream; she was about to be part of the “Live Fast, Die Young” motto. They say Hollywood changes people and the number one rule is: It’s very expensive. Heck yeah!

Like a butterfly, Kendra was fragile, lonely and lost (which made her getting a butterfly tattoo symbolic of her new-found resolve and freedom.) I admired Kendra’s boldness, fierceness, and impulsiveness. It gets a little too detailed concerning the house restoration, the history museums, and so forth. When do they start filming?

Smart and witty overall. It gets even more complicated when Kendra gets involved with a celebrity and becomes a paparazzi meal.

My rating: 3.5 stars

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