Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Review: V IS FOR VIRGIN by Kelly Oram

Valerie is a virgin and plans to stay that way until marriage. Unfortunately, her boyfriend of 3 months didn’t understand it and took it badly. Couldn’t he understand that Val didn’t want to end up like her birth mother, who had to give her up for adoption after having her at 16?

The next day at school, the rumors spread how he dumped her because she was bad in bed, prompting Val to announce her virginity to the whole school, thus, committing social suicide. Heck, there was even a video of her embarrassing declaration on YouTube! From that point on, she was branded as Virgin Val, and the V around her neck was her Scarlett Letter. But perhaps she could use this media attention. Thus, begins her abstinence campaign. V is Virgin.

I love how Val stands up for herself, but she never expected things to go so far. Heck, she even gains notoriety from a recent high school drop-out-turned-rock-star, making her an instant celebrity.

Kyle was so infuriating, just goading Val to break her streak on this whole virginity thing. On top of Kyle’s incessant badgering, Val is torn apart between her campaign, her jewelry design, and overall celebrity status that they get in the way of her friendships. The whole thing turns into a world of crazy for Val.

Was Val’s thinking delusional? Was she waiting for Mr. Perfect, who might not even exist? Could there actually be something between Val and Kyle? Can Val change Mr. Playboy to change his philandering ways?

Her story is not about having sex; it’s about making choices for yourself. And Val was making her choice, which what I liked best about her.

Full of drama, tension, and big changes for everyone.

A great read! It just gets you hooked from the start.

My rating: 5 stars

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