Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Review: THE LAST DANCE by Aimee Brown

Can you truly forgive and forget?

“We’ve been best friends since the day we met during my freshman year of high school. It was about as anti-romantic as things could get right from the start.” Ambri and Henry maintained their friendship ever since then, especially after Rory’s death. Rory was Ambri’s sister and Henry’s wife.

“As destructive as it is, death seems to bond people in a way nothing else can. He’s become so much more than my best friend over the last year.” (12)

I can’t have feelings for him; it’s against the rules. I’m not sure exactly which rulebook I’m following but me and Henry, romantically involved, feels like crossing some kind of invisible line in the sand. (13)

Could a girl who always picked the wrong guy choose the guy with the good heart? How could a gorgeous and perfect guy possibly match up to a girl that doesn’t have her life together?

This was an enjoyable friends-to-lovers tale. I loved Ambri’s down-to-earth style and I loved Henry, who loved and accepted Ambri just the way she was. Even though he was married to her sister, Ambri still knew him better than she did.

The story is written in a diary format with each character relaying their doubts, fears, and inhibitions about the potential love between them. Flashbacks of their past also flitter through their minds as the two become closer. The summarization style expressed the characters emotions fairly well, but, at times, it slowed the story’s overall progress. I also found their constant overanalyzing doubts to be quite daunting sometimes. Still, I was endeared by this unique, companionable love that’s so hard to find but is often right under your nose.

It’s a nice love story between friends.

My rating: 3 stars

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