Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Review: SAME TIME NEXT YEAR by Jenna Bennett

Elizabeth works at a hotel, where the same two people check into the same two adjoining rooms every year. Of course, Elizabeth was no fool! She knew those two were sleeping together.

When you first start reading the pages, you think that this would be a quirky, sweet contemporary romance….until you get to the POV of the two lovers, who are married to each other, by the way. From then on, all you get is a steamy sexual interlude. Some people think it’s romantic for two lovers to return to the scene of the crime on their anniversary, however, I’d say it’s a need for a barf bag.

I would’ve liked it better if there had been interference between the male lover and Elizabeth. I mean, why else would they even mention her?

The story mainly involved the lover’s smoldering night. Any porno could’ve given you that. 
My rating: 1 star

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