Thursday, September 19, 2019

Review: REST IN PIECES by Katie Graykowski (Book 1)

A PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) president and a dead teacher.

Why would a beloved kindergarten teacher overdose? The teacher was afraid of needles and didn’t even drink, much less do drugs. But it couldn’t have been murder? What could the motive be? That’s what Mustang aims to find out.

Since the police tended to protect the haves of the TX town and Molly (like Mustang) was part of the have-nots, Mustang takes matters into her own hands.

Looking at the body at the funeral home, the PTO club realize something shocking—half the body was plastic and half was missing. What!? Why would her real head be connected to a fake body? Where was it? I enjoyed the girls fumbling in haste trying to put the body back together.

I liked how this started off, all crafty and witty. But what should’ve been an interesting mystery soon turns into a rioting gab fest between the broads. Although they were snarky and had high energy, they just seemed to lack focus. Keep your eye on the prize, girls! And what’s with all the guns? The gun lesson was truly boring.

All in all, story had silly antics and a slow pace. It involved pregnancy, drug lords, surveillance bugs, and terrorist plots. The mystery wasn’t that easy to follow. It was okay, although I hope the next one would be better.

My rating: 3 stars

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