Thursday, September 12, 2019

Review: PERFECTLY FLAWED by Nessa Morgan

What if you were the daughter of a murderer? What if your dad went totally psycho and brutally murdered your mom, your siblings, and left you to die with 20 stab wounds? Yeah, you'd be a freak alright.

Joey is used to being the talk of the school. In fact, she takes it in cynical stride.

So is this a story about relishing your imperfections rather than conform to the monotonous standards of popular culture?

This seemed like an interesting story, but it seriously lags with endless rambles and drains the reader with mindless banalities.

Joey is not really an interesting character to begin with. All she does is whine about death and being different. In fact, most of the time she dreams of death (drowning, suffocating, being buried) and this is probably because she should've ended up that way when her dad went postal.

The only thing that was even remotely interesting was the therapy session and even that totally bombed out.

My rating: 2 stars

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