Thursday, July 25, 2019

Review: MULTILEVEL MURDER by Audrey Claire

57-year old Deena thought she had her life all figured out. Mother, wife, homebody. Until one night, she stumbles (literally) over her dead husband, who was poisoned by one of the supplements he was selling as part of a pyramid scheme. Cases like this almost always point to the spouse.

On top of that, Deena learns that she can’t collect her husband’s retirement money, so she has to take a retail job to pay off his debt. Life has certainly turned upside down for her. Then she gets the feeling that she’s being watched. Was she next?

The town sheriff, an old high school crush, believes she’s innocent and promises to catch the killer…but not without Deena’s help.

Who could’ve killed Russell? A crooked businessman? An angry customer? A jealous lover?

Crafty, inquisitive, and compelling.

A good mystery! Easy to read and just as easy to get caught up in.

My rating: 4 stars

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