Thursday, July 25, 2019

Review: A HOPELESS MURDER by Daniel Carson

Hope Walker is an investigative reporter that’s just been fired from the Portland News Gazette. Considered a liability, she’s been blackballed from the journalism world. What’s a girl to do? She returns to her hometown of Hopeless (exactly how she feels.)

“Like a Christmas sweater, my hometown was equal parts weird, charming, comfortable, and likely to give you a rash.” (12)

Hope came all the way home for her granny’s funeral and the woman didn’t turn out to be dead. WTF!? Turns out, Granny has pretend funerals in preparation for the big day. Oookay.

In front of her arch nemesis, proud granny, and the whole stinkin’ town, she automatically blurts that she got fired. Boy did she need a whiskey. The next day, she stumbles on the dead body of the sheriff she’s hated for years.  One day back in town and she was the town drunk and the Grim Reaper. Of course, Hope is a suspect, but, in reality, the whole town had a reason to hate him. Hope puts on her reporter’s hat to solve the case.

I enjoyed the witty, frank commentary. Loved the funny, old grandma.

A good, little mystery! Very crafty!

My rating: 4 stars

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