Monday, July 1, 2019

Review: THE MINER'S GOLD by Alba Arango

Image Graphic designed by Sandra Lopez

Steve, Matt, and Jenny are invited to hunt for a hidden treasure left behind by a mysterious forty-niner over a hundred and fifty years ago. As they begin to unravel the miner’s cryptic note, they realize they are not alone in the hunt for the gold.

Determined to beat the competition to the treasure, the three detectives up their game only to come face-to-face with their main competitor—the ghost of the miner himself!

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My review: A forty-niner's buried gold. Sounds like a job for the Decoders, a kids secret detective agency.

Steve, Matt, and Jenny have a chance to hunt for treasure and be in a movie. While working as extras, they would sneak off to seek the truth behind the legend of a miner's gold. But beware the ghost of the miner. On top of that, was something shady going on at the set?

It's a race in the hunt of this buried treasure.

Kids were smart and snarky with keen investigative skills. The Decoders were a fun combo of Indiana Jones and the Scooby gang.

A fun adventure and an intriguing mystery!

My rating: 4 stars

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