Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Review: SPECIAL OFFERS by M.L. Ryan

A special offer: a Kindle for $79. Little did Hailey know that she would get much more than she bargained for. And I wondered what that was exactly.

Story started off explaining Hailey’s life and daily routine. She’s a single, 30-something woman with a cat named Vinnie, living in Arizona and working as a milkmaid. Seemed simple enough. But why was the writing spending so much time on milking chinchillas? And what the heck is a chinchilla anyways?

At first, Hailey seemed that she would be a relatable character with her wry sense of humor, which really wasn’t that funny, especially when she’s rambling on factual data. Yes, she has a few blundering snafus, but nothing really interesting happens to her. Obviously, story takes a while to progress at this rate. In fact, I often wondered if anything was going to happen here. For godsakes, when is the damn genie/monster coming out of the damn Kindle!?

Just wasn’t what I was expecting.

My rating: 2 stars

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