Monday, March 18, 2019

Review: FIXING FREDDIE by Mona Ingram

Samantha hasn’t seen Freddie since they were in school and that was...what?...ten years ago? Back then he was painfully shy and was never seen without a computer game in his hand. So when he shows up in her favourite coffee shop she doesn’t recognize him at first. He’s still into computer games, and to make matters worse, his hair is long and his sense of style sucks. He’s nothing like her suave, sexy boyfriend. They discover they’ve both been invited to the same wedding and when he bemoans his lack of style, she surprises herself by offering to help him with a make-over.
But Freddie isn’t the only one in need of help. While Samantha helps Freddie, he helps her discover an inner strength she didn’t know she had. Join Samantha and Freddie as they navigate the minefield of their growing attraction on the way to finding out who they really are.

My thoughts: Meet Freddie, an adorable IT guy that looks like Clark Kent. Well, as you know, Clark Kent didn’t have to do much to turn into Superman. But, of course, Samantha offers to do a make-over on him for a wedding of an old high school acquaintance.

Personally, I liked Freddie the way he was, and I totally agreed with his statement on hickeys: “A man foolish enough to try to brand a woman in that manner obviously had no confidence.” (Loc 336)

A fun, sweet, contemporary romance.

My rating: 4 stars

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