Thursday, March 7, 2019


Writing can be murder…

An aspiring writer’s envy becomes murderous. A famous author found dead from poison. Who did it?

Story is told from multiple POV’s—from character’s experiencing life’s struggles. His sister, Daphne, is worried she’ll be blamed for his death. After all, she was the sole heir to his fortune. Personally, I thought the killer was Conrad because of his obsession with Daphne and jealousy of Leon’s writing success, and those were the killer’s thoughts in the beginning.  If I was right, then the plot surely took a predictable trail.

In the midst, we have an anal detective sifting through boring clues, trying to find the killer, which was a bit daunting at times. The investigation felt pretty long. Everyone seemed to be a suspect, which seemed kind of wasteful especially since I already had the killer in mind. Story certainly became more convoluted as you progressed, which was a killer on my interest. Suddenly I really didn’t care who killed the egotistical bastard.

My rating: 2 stars

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