Monday, February 4, 2019

Review: SUDDENLY SUSAN by Virginia Gray

Right away, I was overjoyed by Susan’s wry and witty candor as she recited her mock interview spiel in front of the bathroom mirror. What do I do in my spare time? Well, when I’m not doling out gruel to starving children in Africa, I am an astrophysicist. What a hoot!

She is a college student approaching graduation and is frantically in pursuit of a job that will launch her to her power-driven career. To her, success meant financial freedom and a life of excess (a beautiful apartment, fine clothing, and a hot car.)The thing is that most Fortune 500 companies are not too eager to hire an inexperienced kid right out of college.

I liked how relatable she was. She had a young, fresh-faced, “eager to take the world by storm” attitude, but she was also grounded in reality, which brought out her sarcastic humor. With only $200 in her savings and student loans itching to come after her after graduation, she’d take almost anything, but, still, she wasn’t going to work for free (unpaid internship.) Of course, being bugged by the meddling Brittneys—those perky, pretty blondes always got the boys, the friends, and anything else they wanted—only added to her angst as well as her derisive commentaries. You feel her tenacity and frustrations.

Overall, I enjoyed Susan’s quest to climb the corporate ladders; however, I thought her story was a little juvenile at times, especially with her run-ins with the mean girls. Sometimes I wished she would just chill out about this whole corporate fantasy of hers. But I think that most readers would gain some insight from this character. A decent read.

My rating: 3.5 stars

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