Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Review: SIN CITY SEDUCTION by L.L. Kellogg

Allison has just arrived to Sin City, broke and robbed.  

After skimming through a brochure, Josh is captivated by the sensuous Angel, whom Allison is a dead-ringer for. The physical attraction is instantaneous. Funny how he confuses her for a prostitute and the two have no idea what the other is talking about at first.

But one thing is for certain: she’s tired of being the good girl, and he’s tired of being the nice guy that finishes last.

I loved how Josh protected Allison—her body and her reputation. It was terrible about the “lesson” that the ex’s navy buddies wanted to play on Allison, who was labeled a “wh#re.”

I really enjoyed this story of two characters that were emotionally scarred from past relationships. Their closeness is exactly what they needed.

A sinful match made in heaven!

My rating: 4 stars

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