Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Review: SHE’S NOT THERE by Marla Madison

Lisa, a clinical psychologist, was always an advocate for battered women leaving their abusive relationships, which was why she often gave workshops when not seeing clients. Then she receives the startling news of the number of abused women that have gone missing recently, one of which was Lisa’s clients. Remembering her own troubled marriage, Lisa decides to investigate.

Meanwhile, a killer relives his torment and glory over the brutal killings of these missing women.

Book was, overall, well-written and enticing. Story brings an integral cast of characters that cleverly weave this mysterious tale together. I felt this story was pretty good for about the first 50 chapters or so. About half-way through, I was getting restless and was hoping things would move along quicker.  I was expecting more of a breakthrough at this point, and I only had about 60 more chapters in the book. Oh brother.

Generally, this was an okay mystery, but it wasn’t that thrilling.

My rating: 3 stars

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