Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Review: HARD REDEMPTION by Emily J. Wright

Duke was a small-town crook...but that all stopped when he met and fell in love with Amber. He shared a happy life with her until she found out that she married a thief and a liar. After being arrested and having to relocate away from his only daughter, Duke was doing everything possible to avoid signing those divorce papers that Amber was so insistent on. But why was she in such a rush? Amber was re-marrying.

At a loss, Duke felt like things couldn't get any worse...until he discovers a fish loaded with diamonds. Of course, when he tries to sell the diamonds, he right away gets accused of stealing them. Somehow he gets a pay-out on it, and he hopes that it will be enough to win his family back.

I enjoyed the premise of the story. It was basically your average story of second chances, but I thought it was a lagging and somewhat confusing with the various characters entering the scene. I mean, we had Frank, Mary-Lousie, and Miss Applebaum. Who were these people? It kinda felt all over the place, which dulled my interest. I honestly would've liked more simplicity.

My rating: 2 stars

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