Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Samantha Torres is meeting Warren for their 3rd date. Once he arrives, she notices how quiet and withdrawn he seems. Then she gets a call from a sheriff, letting her know that Warren was killed that night. What?! So now she’s talking to his ghost.

After some getting used to, Sam realizes how easy it is to talk to Warren’s ghost, especially since he doesn’t talk. But then she starts to believe that he’s carrying secrets. Could it be possible that his death wasn’t an accident? Could the stripper have anything to do with it?

At first, I thought this little mystery was crafty and clever, until it didn’t start to feel like a mystery anymore. When Sam got derailed from Warren’s death and started hanging out with the stripper and her friend, story started taking on a whole new meaning. It was starting to feel more like a ghost love story or a girls gone wild tale.

When I was about half way through the book and there was still no progress, I started wondering why I was even continuing. I mean, why can Sam even see ghosts in the first place? It didn’t make sense.

This book had a promising start, but it just fell through on expectations.

My rating: 2 stars

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