Thursday, December 20, 2018

Review: STRANDED by Noelle Stevens (Book 1)

Ashley is fresh out of college and ready to embark on a new life as a working adult. But then her car careens off the road in the middle of a terrible snow storm. Lucky for her, Colton Drake, the mysterious hottie, shows up and takes her to his cabin, where he nurses her sprained ankle and gives her a place to stay. Like the tile of the book indicates, the two are stranded.

Strictly in the POV of Ashley, the story slowly unravels the alluring mystery that is Colton Drake. The attraction she feels for his is tangible and irresistible.

The two manage to have fun playing in the snow and watching movies. A friendship blooms before romance envelopes them in a cozy embrace. I like that the sex didn’t go into too much detail. You can say a lot without having to actually say it.

Of course, no good love story would be without its complications, and that name is Rachel, Drake’s supposed girlfriend whom he states is not that serious. Can you blame Ashley for refusing to be Drake’s little play thing? Being that this was all in Ashley’s words, you naturally feel for her—how strongly she feels for Drake, how dumb she feels for falling hard and fast for him, and how determined she feels for forgetting about him.

The reader will want to root for Drake and Ashley, but will cheer more for Ashley’s fierce ambition and resolve to make it on her own. My only complaint was that it didn’t really have an ending, which prompts me to want to check out the next installment in the series to find out what happens.

Sweet and Simple. I absolutely love New Adult stories like this.

My rating: 4 stars

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