Thursday, December 20, 2018

Review: FILTHY SCROOGE by Taryn Quinn

First off, such a provocative image of a naked man on the cover. I mean, WOW!

Story starts off with Kay dirty dancing with Hot Mystery Guy. Then we find out that she owns and runs a party-planning company and her Santa for the big XMAS party just dropped out. Her client is the Scrooge and has no qualms of denying her payment if she doesn’t supply a Santa for his party…however, he does have a Santa suit, one he’d swore he’d never wear again. Still, he might be persuaded if she made the right tempting offer (btw, he was the Hot Mystery Guy on the dance floor.)
These were his terms: She must spend time with him in his cabin for two days. Deal! Of course, Scrooge intends to de-Christmas her in every way.

Kay is unsure about this. I mean, she hardly knows him. How could she have sold her virginity to this curmudgeon?

Story had lagging segments here and there. I was curious to find out why he hated Christmas so much. What was the even that shattered his jolly spirit? Of course, with Christmas being her favorite holiday, Kay aimed to put the HO-HO back in his stocking. And she’ll entice him in every way.

An okay holiday romp with the seasonal message of love and hope.

My rating: 3 stars

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