Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Review: SEDUCING LOLA by Jessica Prince

Lola is a believer in love and HEA’s—just not for her after three failed and miserable relationships. That’s why she follows the adage: Those who can’t do, teach. And that’s what makes her the perfect radio host for Girl Talk, a program that dishes relationship advice and keeps the dating scene real.

One morning, while bearing the rants of her overbearing mother, Lola runs into Power Suit in the coffee shop and, unsurprisingly, she does a little shameless flirting because, let’s face, the girl’s not blind. Power Suit was HOT!

Thinking she’ll never see Power Suit again, Lola goes to work, where she embarrasses a high-profile millionaire named Grayson on the radio. The guy threatens to sue, so the station tries to settle the irate businessman. They decide to help restore his public image by making Lola his personal escort to his events. Of course, Lola was outraged. She was flummoxed when she discovered that Grayson was actually Power Suit.

Nonetheless, Lola, in order to save her job, reluctantly agrees to be Grayson’s “date.” Grayson, however, has been intrigued by the lovely Lola and enjoys the challenge of cutting through her hard exterior. The challenge of seducing Lola is on.

I just loved the characters in this book. Loved Lola stubbornness and sense of humor. Loved Gray’s bold and unwavering tenacity and how hard he fell for Lola.

A rocking good story!

My rating: 4 stars

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